Screaming into the void

Wherein the void is the Web and I am the screamer.

I spend too much time in my head, and too little of what goes on there goes out into the world. Hopefully I will be able to rectify that with this site.

I'm not sure what my problem is; a generally schizoid personality, perfectionism, and great fear of embarrassing myself all play important roles, I'm sure. To combat those issues, what I write and put here will be imperfect and embarrassing. The other Neocities sites I've seen (though only a few) imply that those standards are the norm around here, which is reassuring. I enjoy it when others are open, earnest, and unafraid to make fools of themselves, so why should I avoid being the same?

Currently I'm having fun re-learning the basics of web design/development, so the site will soon look different, hopefully better (though that doesn't really matter when it has no content or audience). As to what I'm going to put here once I've got the general look down, I don't know yet. Probably mostly text, low-quality blogpost/essay style writing about something, anything, as long as I can get it out here. We'll see.